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Jake Sheers Loves His Jockstraps So Much He's Shown the World! | Jockstrap - One Stop Shop for your jock strap and athletic supporter
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Jake Sheers Loves His Jockstraps So Much He’s Shown the World!

June 9, 2011 by  
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Jake Shears on Twitter in Nasty Pig Jockstrap

Jake Shears on Twitter

Jake Sheers of Scissor Sisters loved the Jockstraps he was sent by Jockstrap manufacturer Nasty Pig so much that he turned to Twitter to share pictures of himself wearing them with the world. Every follower found themselves looking at Jake’s most private parts, but it was a great way to show how cool Jockstraps are.

The pictures were posted just in time to start a fever of interest around the band as their new album, Night Work, is to be released. But these pictures not only showed off their talents in the studio but also the great physique of Jake Sheers, looks like he has definitely been working out.

Nasty Pig Knockout JockThe jockstrap that Jake is so completely enamoured with is the Knockout Jock from Nasty Pig. Nasty Pig are an ingenious company that provide really edgy clothing for the male market which we are sure would suit Jake Sheers down to the ground. Not only are their products innovative and stylish, but completely masculine, giving your confidence and self assurance when you wear anyone of their products.

And their range of Jockstraps is no different. The fit is supportive and flattering and the design is anything but boring. The Knockout Jock itself comes in a variety of bold colours.

This low rise jock is going to make you look and feel fantastic and with the signature branded waistband, everyone is going to see that you know exactly where it’s at.

But don’t stop there, the range of underwear from Nasty Pig goes on and on, so that you can find a whole range of products that are going to suit your style and your attitude. Simply click on the advertĀ  below and you will be taken directly to Jockstrap Central, the retailer for your Nasty Pig products, and you can see for yourself why even the celebrities are raving about Nasty Pig.


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